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Tora sans Shattered Romance (1971)

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Tora sans Shattered Romance 1971 Couldnt the title Shattered Romance apply to every Tora San movie Jokes aside, this is the one Ive liked the most since the first instalment Felt less afraid to dip into comedy, and it balanced it well with some occasional more emotional scenes In fact, it ends strong enough that it almost feels like the series could conclude here Of course thats not the case, though its far from over, with 40 something entries still left to go I have a feeling this series will end up being more than the sum of its parts Im glad there are so many recurring characters, as even if the plots are repetitive, the characters still have room to grow in Toras nephews case, literally Hes looking noticeably bigger in this instalment Recurring characters were missing from the Zatoichi film series, in all honesty as much as I did enjoy working my way through that one Also, the musics really growing on me, despite also being somewhat repetitive Good series so far I look forward to watching more throughout the year

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